I’d like an animation video. How do you do that?

How do we do it?

guide or work process


Tell us what you are looking for, let’s find together references that fit your project, and based on them we will make a budget, an estimate of time. From there, we just have to get down to work.



Materials, additional information and communication channels.
Throughout the process, at Margarito Estudio we are in constant communication with you, to enrich the result and to keep you informed all the time.
We share each phase of the project for review, feedback and keep moving forward. We do not go to the next phase until you approve it. This way, you always have control over your project, making sure that we fulfill what you are looking for.
For this and to solve doubts or to be able to receive material that we need for the correct development, in Margarito Estudio we use the communication channels and exchange of files that best suit you, guaranteeing fluency in the work.


We start by developing the literary script in a language adapted to the audiovisual medium.


Once the script is approved, it is fragmented in planes and the actions that can occur in each scene are described.


Parallel to the script and the scenes, the visual proposal for the project is developed. It will give us a guide of what will be the general appearance of the piece.


With all the previous work already defined, we outline the plans to define the composition of the elements of each scene and how they act in the space to perform the actions defined in the visuals.


With the composite vignettes, a video with provisional audio is mounted. Thus we verify that the plans have the time they need for a good understanding and fluidity of the video.


Once the plans have been defined, each one is designed in its entirety. This helps us to see what will be the final aspect of each plane and will be the designs from which we will start for the animation. At this point, all the video is defined and we animate it.



Assembly of plans
We prepare the elements of each plane to work on the software where we will later animate them. We structure and organize them, and leave them ready to be animated.


It is usually the longest process. It consists of several phases where the animation is coming together and we polish its details.


Almost at the end of the animation, we make the professional speech, and we mix it with the music and the sound effects, with which we get the piece to be complete for the first time.


In a final revision we review with you that everything is correct. We correct what is not and we end the piece.


Final render
We export the video in the format you need and … voilà!! You already have the video and we wish you our best wishes so that it fulfills the objectives for which you have entrusted us.